Putin Protests Rocks Russia As Thousands Arrested Over Resistance To Reservist Mobilisation

Putin Protests

According to information shared by the right’s group OVD-Info, Russian demonstrations have been said to have taken place in as many as 37 Russian cities. It has also been reported than more than a 1000 people were arrested through these demonstrations that were actually protesting Vladmir Putin’s decision to partial mobilisation of reservists to the war in Ukraine.

The was has now been ongoing for more than six months, breaking Ukraine down and putting pressure on its trade and commerce to a large extend. This is for the first time since the Second World War that Putin has directed towards such a kind of mobilization. Additionally, Defence Secretary Sergey Shoigu has been quoted saying that the call-up would activate about 300,000 people from a pool of 25 million.

As the new got out, people were seen flying quickly out of Russia. It has been reported by airlines how they were sold out, in no time. It is therefore no surprise that the most outspoken critic of Putin, who is jailed- the opposition leader Alexei Navalny then called for mass demonstrations against the mobilisation.

But Finnish border guards denied queues at the border between the two nations. Men are already being barred from leaving the country or moving South. But no one is interested in the war that does not justify itself.

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Video footage posted online purportedly showed hundreds of Russians in large coats chanting and marching in St Petersburg and Moscow.

Mr Putin’s decree authorising the partial mobilisation, which took effect immediately, offered few details, raising suspicions that the draft could be broadened at any moment. Notably, one clause was kept secret.

As protest calls circulated online, the Moscow prosecutor’s office said that organising or participating in such actions could result in up to 15 years in prison. Authorities issued similar warnings before other recent protests. The Wednesday protests were the first nationwide anti-war ones, since the war began in late February 2020.



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