EXCLUSIVE: Rachid Ghannouchi to throw in the towel on the crisis in Tunisia

“Isn’t it time for you to know, President of the frozen Parliament, that you entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most hated person in Tunisia and the Arab world?” The Tunisian journalist Rashid al-Karai asks Ennahdha leader.


Why did the Kabul army dissolve?

Did America and the whole of NATO do worse than the Soviet Union? After the retreat of the Red Army, government troops stood up to


Who is Ashraf Ghani, the foreign president who failed to transform Afghanistan?

The world will remember him for leaving his country. He left without any announcement. Someone thinks that he betrayed Afghanistan, that he should have defended

Hazza bin Al-Marri

Hazza bin Al-Marri pledges to go on hunger strike after ill-treatment in Qatari prisons

After the Qatari cabinet’s approval of a change in Shura council law, trends with people supporting the boycott of these elections began on social media.


Libyan prosecutor orders Saif al-Islam arrest, why is Gaddafi’s son still frightening?

The appointment of December 24 for the presidential and parliamentary elections seems far away in Libya. Nevertheless, everything is moving in that direction amid a


In Libya the winds of war are blowing again

Peace in Libya looks like it won’t last long. Militias in western Libya are fighting hard in the coastal city of Zawiya and the situation


Slimane Asselah and the other ghosts of the Algerian war which Macron has not yet given peace

Rachid and Samia Asselah were just two years old when their father, a psychiatrist, never returned home in 1957. At thirty-three, his fault was being


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia, 20 days to act. What will Kais Saïed’s next moves be?

Tunisians supporting the President of the Republic agree that Saïed must not procrastinate too much with the reform of the political and justice system, the revision of the electoral law, the organization of early legislative elections. But above all, Tunisian people are asking to know the whole truth about political killers, the covert apparatus of Ennahdha.


Iran, which challenges await the new president Raisi?

After eight years of negotiations with the West, a nuclear deal reached with Barack Obama and then undone by Donald Trump, the moderates leave the


Are Social Media platforms promoting Muslim Brotherhood rhetoric?

Using social media, one quickly realizes that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are reluctant to delete posts from Muslim Brotherhood media campaigns, even when