america's covert struggle against iran's influence

America’s covert struggle against Iran’s influence

In later years, the Middle East has ended up a hotbed of heightening pressures, especially in districts like Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. At the center

israel is plunging into a troubling and precarious state

Israel is plunging into a troubling and precarious state.

The nation’s unity, political turmoil, and the urgent pursuit of peace amidst adversity is explored after a harrowing attack on Israel by Hamas militants. The

houthi rebels suspected in new rocket attack off yemen's coast

Houthi rebels suspected in new rocket attack off Yemen’s coast

Within the continuous territorial clashes, a rocket exploded late Tuesday night close to a vessel cruising through the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen,

michigan's situation might be unsettling for democrats to contemplate

Michigan’s situation might be unsettling for Democrats to contemplate

Michigan, the heart of the Great Lakes locale, isn’t as it were known for its car industry and dazzling scenes but moreover for its dynamic

artists find solace and expression

Artists Find Solace and Expression in their Work When Displaced

Within the heart of Nazi-occupied Paris, on August 11, 1943, a somber gathering saw the bringing down of Chaim Soutine’s cadaver into the soil. Among

palestinian experience in israel

Palestinian Experience in Israel: A Distinctive Struggle and Identity

Palestinian citizens of Israel discover themselves entrapped in a complex web of character battles. On one hand, they keep up solid familial, etymological, social, and

unrwa investigation seen as deceptive and insincere

UNRWA investigation widely seen as deceptive and insincere

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Outcasts within the Middle East (UNRWA) has come under serious examination for affirmations of offense and

dark side of sarah leah whitson

The Dark Side of Sarah Leah Whitson: How the DAWN Director Supports Terrorism and Extremism

Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), claims to be a champion of human rights and democracy in

bahrain's non oil sectors

Bahrain’s Non-Oil Sectors Lead the Way in Post-Pandemic Recovery

Bahrain, the small island nation in the Persian Gulf, has shown remarkable resilience and growth in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the

china friendship for the middle east

The Pros and Cons of a China Friendship for the Middle East

China and the Middle East have been developing a friendship based on mutual interests and respect, especially in the fields of trade, energy, and infrastructure.