An international mission arrives in Libya to monitor the ceasefire, the Libyans united around the new government

Observers believe Libyans should unite around the new temporary unified government and put pressure on the House of Representatives to vote for confidence in the


Nigeria, ISIS-linked jihadists attack the UN base

The jihadists of ISWAP, the terrorist group linked to Isis in north-eastern Nigeria, attacked a UN base in the city of Dikwa and tried to


The new government of Libya towards trust, suspected corruption reports are emerging

Vice-President of the Libyan Parliament, Fawzi al-Nuwairi, called on Members of Parliament to answer the call made by the Speaker of Parliament Agelah Saleh to


Somalia: Demonstrations against Farmajo’s despotic rule postponed after government apologises for Feb 19 crackdown

Friday’s demonstrations, planned against the incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s crackdown on protestors on 19 February, got postponed after the government authorities apologised for the


Italian ambassador and a carabiniere killed in Congo, a bulletproof vest could have saved their lives

The Italian ambassador to Congo Luca Attanasio and the carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci were killed in a firefight: therefore, it was not an execution. The first


Israel, the worst environmental catastrophe of the last ten years

The entire Israeli Mediterranean coast has been reached by a black tide of tar driven by the storm of recent days. It’s a terrible environmental


Farmajo uses Somalian security crisis as an excuse to defy constitution and remain in power

Earlier this month, Somalian parliament ruled out the possibility of extending tenure of incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. As per Somalian constitution, a President’s terms


Algeria releases the journalist Khaled Dhararni, the situation of press freedom in Arab countries

On Friday evening, Algerian authorities released journalist Khaled Dhararni, who had turned into a symbol of the fight for press freedom in Algeria, a day

Afghanistan _Kabul

Afghanistan, Taliban car bomb attack kills two professors in Kabul

For Afghan fanatics all citizens are dangerous, anyone who can support his opinion, who contests the dogmatic reading of Islam and their falsehoods, anyone who


Although there is little to celebrate, Libyans rejoice the 10th anniversary of the 17 February’s revolution

Libyans today celebrate the tenth anniversary of the 17thFebruary revolution. Thousands gather in most city squares across the country, particularly in the Martyrs’ square in