icj takes on israel's genocidal actions

Beyond Borders: ICJ Takes on Israel’s Genocidal Actions

In a groundbreaking move at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), South Africa has challenged the impunity enjoyed by Israel for its actions over the

un in the middle east

UN in the Middle East: Navigating Israel’s Challenges

The Middle East is once again at the forefront of global attention, with the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the region offering distinct parallels in

tiktok marketing

Countries Without TikTok are Missing Out on Millions: Why TikTok Marketing is the Most Powerful

TikTok, the short-video app that has taken the world by storm, is not only a source of entertainment and creativity, but also a powerful tool

arab peace initiative

Is it time to revive the Arab Peace Initiative?

The Arab Peace Initiative, proposed by the Arab League in 2002, remains a significant proposal for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite its initial rejection by

conservative rebels and the safety of rwanda bill

Evaluating the Dilemma: Conservative Rebels and the Safety of Rwanda Bill

The recent setback for Conservative rebels in pushing for more stringent measures within the Safety of Rwanda Bill has presented them with a significant dilemma.

israeli and palestinian pain

The Human Side: Understanding Israeli and Palestinian Pain

Amidst the ongoing conflict, an exploration of the human toll on both sides is imperative. Assuming Israel’s innocence, the anguish persists. How do we label

milei's government and the israel connection

Argentina’s Shifting Alliances: Milei’s Government and the Israel Connection

In a nation known for its vibrant passion, a wave of discontent ripples through the streets of Argentina. Sparked by their government’s recent abstention in

facebook's role in silencing palestine advocacy

Algorithmic Oppression: Facebook’s Role in Silencing Palestine Advocacy

In a world where hashtags can spark revolutions and viral campaigns can change the course of history, social media has emerged as the battleground for

israel's defense in the icj

Israel’s Defense in the ICJ: A Perspective from Arab Nations

Israel has officially decided to participate in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) proceedings to address the genocide crime case brought forth by South Africa.

the israel gaza war is not only a humanitarian crisis but also a geopolitical time bomb

The Israel-Gaza War is Not Only a Humanitarian Crisis, But Also a Geopolitical Time Bomb

The ongoing war between Israel and Gaza, which has entered its third month, has already claimed more than 40,000 lives, mostly civilians, and displaced more