26-years-old man burns

Tunisia: 26-years-old man burns himself alive

A young man injured during the 2011 Tunisian revolution, unemployed because he was no longer able to work and without any compensation from the government,


Taliban helps Iran steal US military equipments, further increasing regional threats

Iran is stealing US military equipment despite repeated warnings of the officials and the regional heads. As per a few reports published earlier this week,


Turkey and Qatar, the new alliance with the Taliban passes from Kabul airport

After Syria and Libya, Turkey and Qatar plunge into Afghanistan. The Kabul takeover by the Taliban has recently re-emerged doubts similar to those in Iraq


Neighbouring countries demand foreign forces withdrawal from Libyan territory

The meeting of foreign ministers of Libya’s neighboring countries ended with an agreement on the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libyan territory and


Consultative Conference of Libya’s Neighbouring Countries first day ended

The work of the first day of the ministerial meeting of the neighbouring countries of Libya ended on Monday evening, in the presence of all


Afghanistan: Taliban, Daesh and Al Qaeda, differences and common goals

The Taliban returned on the international scene with the final takeover of Afghanistan, after a slow but gradual reconquest of the territory going on for


The European sovereigns exploit the risk of extremists among Afghani refugees

Europe’s sovereigns and moderate right-wingers know that, as with the Syrian crisis, fear of a massive influx of Afghan refugees can push them into the


Morocco and Spain relations, a new era begins?

The recent diplomatic crisis between Spain and Morocco seems to be behind us. Madrid extends its hand to King Mohammed VI. The latter on Friday,


EXCLUSIVE: “Tunisia is on the right track,” Iteb Akaichi tells The Arab Post

The Tunisians today seem to have found a smile again after the recent decisions of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied. In an exclusive


Could waves of migrants from Afghanistan bring Greece and Turkey closer?

Greece first lulled and then abandoned the idea of pushing Afghan refugees back to the Turkish border. A choice determined by the outcome of the