Over 130 migrants died in another shipwreck off the Libyan coast, it is a hunt for responsibility


The news of another shipwreck off the Libyan coast has aroused mixed reactions in recent days. At least 130 illegal immigrants drowned off the coast of the North African country after their boat capsized at sea while they were embarking on the perilous journey to Italy.

Libyan Navy spokesman Masoud Abdelsamad denied on Sunday that the coast guard had been idle or had not done its best to rescue immigrants heading to the Italian coast. Abdelsamad speaking to reporters said that the Libyan coast guard tried to undertake the mission to rescue migrants, despite bad weather conditions, revealing that he had sent a boat from the shores of the city of Al-Khums after receiving a distress call.

“We are sorry for the loss of life. The wind was strong and the sea waves were also very high. The rescue operation was almost impossible in such unfortunate circumstances “. The spokesperson added. Masoud Abdelmasad also confirmed that the Libyan Coast Guard rescued another 106 migrants on a boat in distress. Two bodies were recovered on the seashore, while the Libyan coastguards began the search for the missing on the boat that capsized, the same night and the day after the accident, however, the strong winds would have complicated the operations.

Another boat with at least 42 people on board launched calls for help on Thursday evening. SOS Mediterranee speculated, citing a family member of one of the migrants, that this boat may have arrived in Tunisia. At the moment, there is no response from the authorities. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokesperson Safa Msehli said that “the States have remained inert and have refused to act to save the lives of over 100 people. They pleaded and issued emergency calls for two days before sinking in the blue Mediterranean cemetery. Is this the legacy of Europe?”.

The president of the European Parliament David Sassoli also intervened, adding that it’s necessary to not waste any more time and do not put other poor people’s lives at risk. Sassoli called on national governments to give powers and mandates to the European Union to intervene, save lives, create humanitarian corridors and organize mandatory reception.

“It is necessary because it is now clear that national policies are unable to manage the movements of migrants and asylum seekers with humanity and effectiveness,” the president of the European Parliament pointed out, arguing that “it is on these omissions that the responsibility for deaths at sea is measured. On the dynamics of this umpteenth massacre, the European Parliament wants clarity to be made immediately and any faults ascertained.”



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