Palestinian Authority Seeks Saudi Arabia’s Support Amid Israel Relations Concerns

Palestinian Authority Seeks Saudi Arabia's Support Amid Israel Relations Concerns

To address their worries about a prospective accord restoring relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Palestinian Authority is expressing their wishes for dialogue with Saudi Arabia. Following months of efforts by U.S. officials to mediate such a settlement, U.S. President Joe Biden recently raised the prospect of a reconciliation between the two nations. The Palestinian leadership is concerned that such an arrangement may further erode Arab support for their cause and jeopardise the possibilities for an independent Palestinian state. Riyad al-Maliki, the foreign minister of the Palestinian Authority, expressed his desire for Saudi Arabia to uphold its demands for normalising ties, including the cessation of Israeli occupation and the creation of a Palestinian state.

Saudi Arabia has historically avoided public interaction with Israel and has steadfastly supported the Palestinian cause. Saudi Arabia has adopted a more nuanced strategy, though, with the advent of the Abraham Accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. It supports Palestinian rights but has subtly agreed to Israel’s normalisation accords with other Arab countries. Palestinians are worried about the potential effects of a Saudi-Israeli reconciliation on their drive for statehood and regional backing.

The Palestinian Foreign Minister criticised the Biden administration for failing to change the prior American position of recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Palestinian leadership now doubts the U.S.’s commitment to their cause and prioritises their interests in light of this decision. In light of this, the Palestinian Authority asks Saudi Arabia for assurances that they will uphold their demands for any prospective agreement with Israel, giving the cessation of Israeli occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state priority status.

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The Palestinian leadership welcomes the Saudi Arabian initiative to resume an Arab-led peace process. To address the issues and take the required actions to resolve the Palestinian issue, they stress the significance of collaboration and discussion between Saudi Arabia and the Palestinians. The interests of the Palestinian people might be taken into account in any prospective agreements between Saudi Arabia and Israel, thanks to such a discussion.

The Palestinian Authority’s request for dialogue with Saudi Arabia underscores their worry about the possible effects of an agreement on normalization between the two nations. In any future negotiations, they are pleading with Saudi Arabia to give the establishment of a Palestinian state of their own and the end of Israeli occupation top priority. It is unclear how Saudi Arabia would balance its support for the Palestinian cause and its developing ties with Israel and other Arab countries as regional dynamics change. The circumstance highlights the problematic obstacles and delicate issues that must be dealt with to achieve long-term peace and stability in the Middle East.



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