Iran: An activist who opposed Internet control bill was released today


Iran IranAn activist, who was imprisoned for opposing new laws related to Internet control bill , has been freed on bail. Hussein Ronaghi, a blogger and free-speech campaigner, vanished on February 23rd after denouncing the “Users Protection Bill,” a strangely stated piece of legislation that would prohibit more foreign information, including certain social media. Many Iranians have spoken out against it.

Hassan Ronaghi, Ronaghi’s activist brother, tweeted about the release late Wednesday. To protest his arrest, his brother went on a hunger strike. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has described social media in Iran as “unbridled,” and Ronaghi believes he wants it further regulated. The bill’s text hasn’t been completed yet, but it might disrupt foreign internet services and websites like Instagram that haven’t been blocked yet.

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Many websites and social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, as well as Twitter and Telegram, have been blocked by the Iranian government for a long time. Many Iranians use VPNs and proxies to access social media. Instagram and WhatsApp are still accessible.



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