People Resort To Violence As Lebanon Provides Disproportionate Electricity In Cities


Lebanon LebanonThe electricity shortage mayhem became a nightmare in Lebanon as protestors looking at securing electricity for their own area, tampered with the only running power station, plunging the whole country into darkness.

Tampering the power cables, electricity was shut off to literally the whole country. On attack was the main power station in the Aramoun area, 22 km from Beirut that was stormed by protestors. Power was restored the next day. However, the resentment continues as protestors later disclosed that electricity distribution is discriminatory in nature.

According to a private generator owner company in the Choueifat area near Aramoun, electricity continues to be supplied in the same rationing manner as in other Lebanese areas. It is worth noting that Lebanon has not been able to clear its previous electricity bills that arose through foreign purchase. Hence, the cuts have become a common practice.

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Lebanon’s power sector is a substantial drain on the state’s treasury, responsible for 40 percent of the country’s fiscal deficit, according to the World Bank. Significant reforms are required to cut the fiscal shortfall and address structural and governance issues at the root of the crisis.

Currently, Lebanon’s State Electricity Company provides rationed electricity per hour in the morning and evening. People have to depend on private generator provided electricity which is frightfully expensive in an economy whose own currency has gone to the gallows. The private generators are proving to be insufficient to run the whole day. Its mayhem for residents in Lebanon.

In October, the country had to face another blackout. In later decided to enter a pact with Egypt to import gas and use a supply mechanism of electricity from Jordan via Syria. On October 06, Jordan has fully reopened its main border crossing with Syria, a move that political experts feel like a signal to bring Syria back into the Arab fold and help supply gas to Lebanon.



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