Qatar financing the Muslim brotherhood in northern city of Taiz

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The Qatari opposition website Qatarelix, confirmed that the Al-Zaza’a tribe in the city of Taiz in northern Yemen accused Qatar of funding the Brotherhood to try to subjugate it by force.

It also said that the Qatari orders to launch attacks on the al-Za`za tribe came after the al-Za`zaas’ people implemented a protest refusing the establishment of Brotherhoods’ military points within the limits of their tribe.

Stressing that they would not allow Qatar’s influence to penetrate into Yemen, Tamim was not satisfied with harboring fleeing elements in Yemen. Rather, he is financing the Brotherhood and providing them with weapons and money to blow up the situation and destabilize the countries of the region.

The source confirmed that the Qatari authorities arrested a number of activists, after publishing their objections to the lack of preventive measures, to avoid the spread of the Corona virus.

And dissatisfied with the continued opening of the airspace with Iran, the Interior Ministry seized the tweeters through social media. On charges of spreading panic among citizens, as they fabricated arbitrary charges as rumormongers. The information is false, the ministry said, claiming that the published information affects the security and safety of society.

And the website of the Qatari opposition added that after two continuous weeks of obscuring the true number of people infected with the emerging coronavirus.



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