With Qatari funding, the Muslim Brotherhood spread covid-19 in Egypt through contaminated people

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The Brotherhood’s terrorist efforts to distort and fight the Egyptian regime have not ceased, and as usual they are trying to exploit a global crisis, and they are spreading a Corona epidemic to avenge the Egyptian regime, which sided with the Egyptian people in its revolution against the terrorist organization, toppling it, imprisoning and prosecuting its leaders.

With the beginning of the cases infected with the Coronavirus emergence in Egypt, members of the Brotherhood began spreading rumors about the large number of infected people in Egypt, accusing the Egyptian regime of covering up and hiding the real numbers of the infected, and their plans failed due to the statements of the World Health Organization, which confirmed the sincerity of the Egyptian regime.

After the failure of their first attempts, the terrorist organization attempted to launch a new campaign with the support of the Qatari regime and its media outlets to spread the deadly virus in Egypt, and the campaign, led by the fleeing Brotherhood from Egypt and media personnel in the media of the Qatari regime, began to show several video clips on social media sites calling on citizens who made sure Whoever suffered from Corona to enter the police stations and try to spread the disease, demanding that any soldier in the Egyptian army who feels sick that he should try to meet with the leaders and spread the virus to the Egyptian army.

The elements of the terrorist organization called on the Brotherhood in Egypt not to report their infection with the virus before they installed public transportation means such as the subway and trains and spread the virus in all governorates of Egypt for very large sums of money.

For his part, the fleeing Brotherhood asked Magdi Saber, anyone who feels that he is carrying the virus, to enter the nearest police station or the Defense Ministry and meet as many leaders as possible or try to spread it among his friends and colleagues.



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