Rare car bomb explosion rocks affluent suburb of Syria’s capital Damascus


A car bomb went off Sunday night in a busy area of Damascus’ affluent Mezze suburb, in a rare incident as the Syrian capital has largely been spared from the violence happening in recent years in other parts of the country.

The blast caused no casualties, the official Syrian news agency, SANA, quoted police sources as saying.

According to initial reports, loud explosions were heard in Mezze and plumes of smoke were seen rising from the vicinity of the military airport there. Police sources confirmed an explosive device in a civilian vehicle went off, triggering flames that spread to a couple of vehicles parked nearby.

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Reports quoting eyewitnesses said the explosion occurred near a busy roundabout and a popular restaurant. While no individual or group has claimed responsibility for the blast yet, it’s still unclear if the attack was meant to target a particular person.

This popular municipality to the west of Damascus is home to a number of senior government and security officials. Moreover, the UN and several embassies also have their offices here.



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