Syria claims that Israeli strikes near Damascus have injured two soldiers


According to Syrian government media, Israel allegedly launched airstrikes early on Thursday in the vicinity of Damascus, injuring two troops and causing property damage.

The Syrian air defenses were reportedly “confronting hostile targets” when huge explosions were heard over the Syrian capital at about 1:30 a.m., according to the SANA state news agency. Several missiles were shot down by air defenses, according to a military official cited by SANA who asked to remain nameless.

In recent years, Israel has attacked several targets inside the government-controlled areas of Syria, including the airports in Aleppo and Damascus, but it rarely publicly admits any particular attacks.

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Israel claims to attack the bases of militant organizations with ties to Iran, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has dispatched thousands of soldiers to aid Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.

The northern Aleppo airport was out of commission for two days last week due to an Israeli bombardment.

Israel has reportedly targeted airports and seaports in government-controlled areas in an effort to halt Iranian arms supplies to militant organizations supported by Tehran, including Hezbollah.



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