Russia’s Secret Weapon Tobol Linked to Jamming of Planes’ Signals

russia's secret weapon tobol linked to jamming of planes' signals

Russia’s Secret Weapon Tobol – Commercial flights over the Baltic Sea are facing electronic attacks, with disruptions in GPS signals noted by General Martin Harem. These incidents are believed to be caused by Russia’s secret weapon Tobol, previously used to jam ship signals on NATO’s eastern flank.

Russia’s Secret Weapon Tobol

Russia’s Tobol electronic warfare system is suspected to be behind the disruptions in GPS signals affecting commercial flights over the Baltic Sea. The weapon, initially used to jam ship signals, is now believed to be deployed to shield military installations from NATO’s satellite-guided missiles.

Installation and Functioning

Around 10 Tobol devices are reportedly installed across Russia, with one located at Kaliningrad, between Lithuania and Poland. Experts suggest that these devices create an imperceptible shield above military installations, preventing NATO missiles from accurately targeting them.

Impact on Commercial Flights

The electronic attacks have led to disruptions in GPS signals for commercial flights, raising concerns about the safety and reliability of air traffic over the Baltic Sea. General Martin Harem expressed uncertainty about Russia’s intentions, stating that the disruptions could be part of a practice or testing phase.

International Response

Several nations, including Finland, Poland, and Sweden, have reported GPS disruptions in recent months. Lieutenant Colonel Joakim Paasikivi of Sweden attributed these disruptions to Russian influence activities or hybrid warfare, indicating a broader pattern of behavior.

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Escalating Tensions

The electronic attacks over the Baltic Sea have heightened tensions between Russia and NATO member states. General Martin Harem emphasized the need for responsible behavior, especially in the context of ongoing conflicts with neighboring countries.

Russia’s secret weapon Tobol has emerged as a significant threat, with its electronic warfare capabilities disrupting GPS signals for commercial flights over the Baltic Sea. The incidents have raised concerns about the safety of air traffic and highlighted the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO member states. Efforts to address these disruptions and ensure the safety of airspace in the region remain ongoing.



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