Saudi Arabia Prepares for Groundbreaking Saudi Opera “Zarqa Al-Yamamah”

saudi opera zarqa al yamamah

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is getting ready for a very special event in the world of theater and opera. For the first time, there will be a Saudi opera called “Zarqa Al-Yamamah”. This is going to be the biggest Arab opera ever and it’s a big deal for Saudi culture.

This opera is under the guidance of Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, who is the Minister of Culture and the head of the Theater and Performing Arts Authority in Saudi Arabia. 

The show is going to start in Riyadh, the capital city, in the middle of next April and will have different performances until the start of May.

The story of the opera is about Zarqa Al-Yamamah, a famous woman from the history of the Arabs before Islam. She was known for her blue eyes and her unique ability to see things from very far away. The opera tells about how she warned her tribe of a big army coming towards them.

A famous international musician, Lee Bradshaw, is creating the music for this opera. He’s using traditional elements to make a modern musical work. 

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The opera will have an orchestra and a choir, and the main singers are led by Sarah Connolly, a well-known mezzo-soprano. There will also be famous Saudi singers like Khairan Al-Zahrani, Sawsan Al-Bahiti, and Remaz Al-Aqabi. They will perform with other international artists.

The music will be played by the Dresdner Sinfoniker Orchestra, and the Czech Philharmonic Choir will join with their voices. The whole show is organized by a Swiss director, Daniel Finzi Paska, who is also responsible for special effects in the theater.
This opera is a historic event for Saudi Arabia. It’s expected to inspire new Saudi artists and show Saudi culture to people all around the world. The CEO of the Theater and Performing Arts Authority, Sultan Al-Bazai, said this opera marks a historic moment in the cultural journey of the Kingdom.



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