Saudi doctor awarded for treating unconscious passenger on Air Canada flight


Dr Awrad Mohammed Nasrallah is being hailed a hero and has received an award after treating an unconscious passenger on an Air Canada flight.

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According to Arab News, the Saudi doctor, a scholarship student, said she made herself known to the cabin crew after a flight attendant asked if there was a medical professional onboard.

The man was suffering hypotension, Nasrallah said, adding she was able to immediately intervene and administer an IV fluid until he started regaining consciousness.

It wasn’t necessary to make an urgent landing and the crew was in contact with the medical staff in Canada who approved her treatment plan, the doctor further mentioned.

Nasrallah said it was her duty as a doctor to treat anyone who needs help, stressing her studies in general surgery at the University of Alberta allowed her to better address emergency cases.

For her efforts to save the male passenger, she received a certificate of appreciation on Sunday from the Saudi cultural attache in Canada.

Nonetheless, it isn’t the first time Nasrallah was recognised for her work. She was recognised as one of the 20 doctors in Alberta for her work treating the lung condition emphyma.

The Saudi doctor was also counted among the top ten resident doctors in the surgery department of the University of Alberta for scientific and practical supervision of students and recently graduated doctors.

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In recognition of her noteworthy contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic as a member of the general surgery team, Nasrallah also received the Sr. Mark’s Award from the university.



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