Sudan envoy to UN: ‘Humanitarian situation is very bad’

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Al-Harith Idriss Al-Harith Mohamed, United Nations (UN) Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sudan, has said that civilians are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in the conflict-hit country of Sudan.

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Sudan’s ambassador to the UN claimed that the Sudanese government has the security situation under control even when the civilians and refugees are fleeing the country amid the fighting between the Sudanese military and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

On Friday, the Permanent Representative of Sudan to the United Nations spoke at a press conference at the UN. He called the Rapid Support Forces “rebellion.” He said that the Rapid Support Forces had failed to take control of the country. Al-Harith Idriss Al-Harith Mohamed claimed that Sudanese armed forces had the upper hand in the fighting in Sudan.

The talks between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary RSF in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had failed to end the conflict. Sudan’s warring parties also failed to agree to a ceasefire despite a declaration of principles signed in Saudi Arabia for allowing humanitarian assistance in the country.

Heavy gunfighting and air strikes continued in Khartoum on Friday. Sudan’s ambassador to the UN reportedly said, “The humanitarian condition is bad.”

According to the UN health agency, at least 604 people have been killed in Sudan because of the fighting between the two parties. The conflict also injured thousands of people and prompted others to flee the country.

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Sudan’s envoy to the UN revealed that there was an urgent need for clean water, food, clinics and financial assistance for people fleeing the country. He revealed that the Sudanese military complied with international laws to allow people to leave the country and cross the borders into neighbouring countries. He said, “The government of Sudan is committed to ensuring the safety of the people.”



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