Sudan Welcomes Induction of 50,000 More Ex-Rebels Into Country’s Army


Sudan SudanIt is a welcome change to see rehabilitation and value being created from evil. Ex-rebels and more than 50,000 fighters have decided to join the country’s army. The former rebels from rival camps in South Sudan’s civil war are now being integrated, in a long-overdue graduation ceremony that was conducted recently.

War devastation has rocked the Sudanese people lives till 2018 when peace deal happened between warring sides ending a brutal five-year conflict in which nearly 40k people died.

It has been a long ride for the nation that has reeled under the pressure of multiple internal strife(s), without having to enjoy and reap benefits of a natural resource rich economy. Sudan is considered a young nation that actually became independent in 2011.

With the youth and leaders of the rebel forces deciding to join the country’s army, it is of huge help to the country itself. The formal ceremony that was conducted in Juba, however, was still conducted under tight security arrangements. The reasons of this is primarily patience running out amongst commoners which feel that the government is just taking too long to implement the peace deal. There is already international pressure.

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This, it is being seen, will put pressure on the already strained coffers of the government, as payrolls will now be added. However, civil servants have remained unpaid for a long time.

However, taking baby careful steps, earlier this month, South Sudan’s leaders — appointed to run a transitional government — announced that they would remain in power two years beyond an agreed deadline, sparking international concern.

The transition period was meant to conclude with elections in December this year, but the government has so far failed to meet core provisions of the agreement, including drafting a constitution.

According to the peace deal, the troops’ graduation ceremony was supposed to take place in 2019. Unfortunately, the two leaders have not been able to come on an understanding about who shall be appointed on senior posts in the unified armed forces command, only inking an agreement this year.



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