Swizz Beatz: Familiar face seen among spectators at AlUla Camel Cup

AlUla Camel Cup

As the inaugural AlUla Camel Cup kicks off in Saudi Arabia on March 14, a familiar face is seen among the crowd – prominent US record producer and Grammy awardee Swizz Beatz and his American-owned camel racing team, Saudi Bronx.

The musician and husband of 15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys became the first American to own a camel racing team when he launched Kasseem Abu Nasser in October 2020.

It wasn’t a random move. Beatz, who was born Kasseem Dean, had the idea in his mind for much longer. He was introduced to the sport through friends who live in the Middle East, he revealed, adding he went to a race every time he visited a country in the region.

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Saudi Arabia enjoys a long history of camel racing. In recent years, the sport has transformed itself into a prestigious pastime, luring in who’s who of different sectors as spectators.

When asked about what it feels like owning a camel racing team, Beatz called the feeling “incredible”, adding “fusing both cultures through this brand makes it even more personal to me.”

The musician also shared a glimpse of the special bond he shared with his camel racing trainer, Hamed, who he said has played a critical role in the number of wins and the growth of Saudi Bronx over the past few years. Beatz admired the rare closeness his trainer maintained with tradition and nature in the world we live in today.

The AlUla Camel Cup runs until Friday. Single day tickets for the event cost around $13.30 and are available on this website.





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