GEE group’s mandate ends in Yemen. How will it impact the country?

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In the first three months of 2020, Arab stock markets lost almost a quarter of this value due to the double assault from the coronavirus pandemic and crash in oil prices, according to the UN agency, Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

“The drop in oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a 23-per cent coverage loss for major Arab stock markets by the end of the first quarter of 2020,” the ESCWA said, adding that these external conditions “have lowered investors’ appetite for risk and decreased trading in stock markets, investment, tourism and remittances inflows, rendering future growth prospects bleak”.

The twin crises have “shattered the stock market in Arab countries, putt step has been taken by the United Nations Human Rights Council as they end the mandate of the Group of Eminent International and Regional Experts on Yemen (GEE), which was set up to investigate alleged abuses in the ongoing civil war situation in the country.

The organisation was responsible for a lot of false reporting of issues and it did not have any significance in the eyes of most of the Arab nations. The decision has finally been taken after much request to the regional powers and it is even a landmark for the council also who voted for the cancelation of any mandate for the first time in 15 years.

Majority of the member countries voted against the draft to extend GEE’s mandate, which was heavily backed by many European countries and Canada as well. This was an extremely crucial decision for the Arab coalition which is trying to establish legitimacy in Yemen given the scarce situation.

The situation that Yemen is witnessing is one of the worst humanitarian crises ever witnessed by mankind. But keeping the humanitarian ground at bay, many organisations have jumped the guns and started looking for opportunities in this situation. Arab coalition has termed GEE as one such entity.

The coalition led by Saudi Arabia has time and again accused the GEE group for falsely targeting the Arab countries and damaging their reputation. The violence did take place but it was not because of the coalition that was being targeted by the GEE.

These violations took place but it was backed by Iran backed Houthis who took over the country years ago and since then Yemen’s future has been put on hold. Al Houthi militias have continued their war against fragile administration leading the country to a fatal end. Despite various efforts, the militia group has continued to fight against the internationally recognised government.

Yemen was never one of the prosperous nations of the world but it had never imagined that it would witness negligence and ignorance to such an extent that human rights have been put at risk. The Houthis took over the country in late 2013 and since then thousands of people have been killed and many have been displaced.

The decision will be beneficial for the country. It will now give an opportunity to the neighbouring countries to make efforts to establish peace and prosperity in the nation. It is also commendable that the UN has finally realized that the reports that organization has submitted are mostly biased and exaggerated from the real situation.

There were numerous times that the groups proved itself to be politically motivated. They have even been found to hide many such circumstances where the Iran-backed militia group has all the evidence against it. The UN also found major inconsistencies in their report and after repeated violations, they have finally taken the decision to end their mandate.



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