Syria to purchase surface-to-air missiles from Iran


According to Iranian state media on Friday, Iran is poised to sell Syria surface-to-air missiles to bolster Syria’s air defences against frequent Israeli bombings.

According to state television, Syria needs to upgrade its air defence system and its fighter jets need precision bombs.

The supply of radars and defensive missiles, such as the 15 Khordad system, by Iran to bolster Syria’s air defences is quite possible, the TV stated, adding that only selected terms of a recent defence agreement with Syria were being made public.

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Israel has been conducting airstrikes on alleged Iranian-sponsored personnel and weapon deployments in Syria for almost ten years, despite the fact that Israeli officials rarely claim responsibility for individual operations.

In an effort to stop Iran from using aerial supply lines to carry weapons to allies in Syria and Lebanon, particularly Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Israel has also increased its airstrikes on Syrian airports and air bases in recent months.

According to Israeli military experts, the strikes are a part of an escalation of a low-intensity conflict whose objective was to stop Iran’s expanding encroachment in Syria.



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