New Year celebrations kill a Syrian refugee in Lebanon

A vacant bullet fired at midnight to celebrate the start of the new year killed a Syrian refugee, in a phenomenon that the authorities have


Why the conflict in Syria is still far from a solution

The Syrian conflict seems far more complicated than other scenarios in the Middle East. That has been clear since the beginning of the uprising in

Middle East

Damascus attacks the European Council

Syria strongly condemned the European Council statement on the extension for another year of sanctions imposed on certain Syrian institutions and individuals under the pretext


The war in Syria is not over

According to Syrian civilian sources, an explosion near a bus station in Al-Bab City, 40 kilometers from Aleppo, killed 21 people and injured 96 others.


Enemy or friends,terrorists or rebels? Who are the Syrians fighting for Erdogan?

In addition to protecting their sources, a journalist has a duty not to get too attached to them. Staying disengaged and adopting a less emotional

Middle East

Tension rises in Syria, attacks against Turkish forces and protests against the army

A wave of attacks against Turkish troops has begun in northern Syria, particularly in the al-Bab area north of Aleppo. The last one occurred just

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The terrorists to launch an attack with toxic agents in the southern part of Syria, all the latest developments

The terrorists of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group are preparing provocations with the use of toxic agents in the southern part of the Idlib region,


Third day of demonstrations in Libya, more violence and arrests of protesters

On Tuesday, the young people of Tripoli took to the streets for the third consecutive day. The speech of Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj did not


US slams sanctions on Syria’s President Assad’s son

In the latest list of sanctioned people in Syrian regime by US State Department, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s eldest son Hafez Bashar al-Assad has been