EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia registers a new record of vaccinations in 24 hours

Faisal Bensalah stressed that 594,141 people aged 18-39 were vaccinated yesterday, marking a new record for the number vaccinated in a single day. From today vaccine available in Tunisian pharmacies.


EXCLUSIVE: Sophiane Ben Farhat, “Ennahdha and the murderous government responsible for Covid 19 deaths in Tunisia”

Ennhadha executives, such as Radwane Masmoudi, say ‘it’s a coup, don’t donate the vaccines to Tunisia’ after the international community and the European Union started helping us with vaccines and medical oxygen. Tunisian journalist Sofiane Ben Farhat exposes the direct responsibilities of Ghannouchi and the deputies of Ennahdha in the tremendous health crisis Tunisia was experiencing before July 25.


How the coronavirus vaccine can change the geopolitics in the MENA area

It is clear that the coronavirus vaccine is increasingly becoming a geopolitical issue. The match will be played in particular in North Africa and the

Middle East

Iran bans entry of US, UK covid-19 vaccines, Iranian leader calls them ‘untrustworthy’

During a televised speech on Friday, Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran would not import the Covid-19 vaccines from US and UK.


New COVID-19 strain spreading fast amid vaccination efforts

At a time when world governments are working on their inoculation strategies, the new Coronavirus variant has spread across over 30 countries by the end


UK Approves Astra Zeneca Oxford Vaccine For Emergency Use

As Britain braves the mutated form of the Covid-19 virus, it has finally approved the AstraZeneca Vaccine. Britain has placed an order for 100 million


Pfizer Vaccine Promises 90 Percent Cure Against Covid-19

Pfizer has given a green signal on the effectiveness of the new corona vaccine that is slated to come out in the market end of

Covid-19 vaccine

India and Covid-19 vaccine: How the Asian country is at world’s centre stage with all eyes on it!

India is popularly and aptly known as “pharmacy of the world”, it being largest drugs supplier globally and producer of 60% of world’s vaccines. With


UK military chief: “Both Russia and China are attempting to spread disinformation about Covid vaccine

Both Russia and China are trying to spread disinformation about potential Covid vaccine through the opposition vaccine social media groups, the UK’s military chief cautioned.


UK Clinical Trials Hit Roadblock As Corona Virus Participant Falls Ill

In a sad turn of events, the promising UK developed corona virus vaccine trials have had to be stopped as a participant has been left