National flag of Palestinians
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Palestinian reject tax revenue collected by Israel on their behalf, in response to annexation plan

On Wednesday, Palestinian Authority declared that it would not be accepting the tax revenue, collected and distributed by Israeli government on their behalf…..

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Government formation remains elusive in Israel over cabinet distribution

Government formation in Israel remains elusive even after the Supreme Court allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to form a coalition government last week…

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a conference
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Mike Pompeo accuses Iran of “Fomenting Terror” during Israel visit

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement, which is likely to escalate tension in the Middle East in the press conference…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a Press conference
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British politicians urge Boris Johnson to impose sanctions on Israel over West Bank Annexation

The cross-party gathering of politicians, including MPs, senior diplomats, and former cabinet ministers, pressed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to force economic sanctions on Israel if

Palestinian territory
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Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation plan would put Israel in a spot

The week has proven to be an eventful one for Israel, as the rivals, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz joined hands to