British politicians urge Boris Johnson to impose sanctions on Israel over West Bank Annexation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a Press conference

The cross-party gathering of politicians, including MPs, senior diplomats, and former cabinet ministers, pressed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to force economic sanctions on Israel if they begin the plan to annex the Palestinian region of the occupied West Bank, which is illegal under international law. 

At the beginning of this year, following the unveiling of a long-anticipated peace plan by US President Donald Trump, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s long-anticipated dream of legalizing boundary became evident.

The Palestinians immediately rejected the peace plan and refused to leave the occupied East Jerusalem. When the plan was released, Netanyahu urged the Cabinet to propel the extension of Israeli control over the maximum of Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley. The Palestinians denounced Trump’s peace plan and decrying his administration for seeking to meddle in the Israeli control of Palestinian locales. 

The principal points of the Israel-Palestine Peace Plan were that the Palestinians must recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Israel will hold security control in the entire west of the Jordan River, giving Israel a permanent eastern border. The plan includes a road map for making a Palestinian state. Hamas is to be disabled, and Gaza has to be demilitarized. Jerusalem is to remain joined under Israeli government, and many more. 

Chiefly the peace plan urges to leave the Jordan Valley and each Israeli settlement under Israeli government.A month ago, Israel declared the plan following the development of a crisis unity government drove by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and led pioneer Benny Gantz; both leaders pledged to corrosively seize West Bank zones of the vital Jordan Valley and the Jewish settlements.

According to the Middle East Monitor, Netanyahu’s firm stand has been criticized by numerous global communities, which have denounced the plan, including the United Nations, the various Arab states, and by their foreign ministers. 

Recently, a letter composed and marked by UK’s representatives and MPs to PM Johnson mentioned that as the UK forced sanctions on Russia when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, then the British government would be wrong if they didn’t apply the same measure on Israel. It included that the “global law is crystal clear about annexation as it is illegal in international law.

The UK joined with the 10 European Union diplomats over a video conference cautioning against Israel’s expansion plans and asking to impose sanctions if Israel attempts it.

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