Chinese Ice Cream Becomes Breeding Ground For Corona Virus

In shocking discoveries over the new virus strains, China has now determined that there can be presence of the virus in ice cream aswell. China’s


China Dodges UN Investigation Into Corona Virus Origins

China is getting many raised eyebrows over delayed permission to WHO appointed team of experts to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. Its lacklustered approach


New Coronavirus strain in UK poses risk to global efforts

While countries across the globe are still struggling to contain the rising cases of COVID-19, a new mutant strain of novel Coronavirus is threatening the


Why Is The Equal Distribution Model Important For Covid-19 Vaccine?

The race to get the most effective and wide spectrum vaccine to combat the novel virus is still on. The problem facing the world is


WHO Europe: Lockdown not needed, if 95% of people wore masks

As the European Union is grappling with a second wave of Coronavirus infections, governments started implementing new lockdown measures and tough social restrictions in October.


UK military chief: “Both Russia and China are attempting to spread disinformation about Covid vaccine

Both Russia and China are trying to spread disinformation about potential Covid vaccine through the opposition vaccine social media groups, the UK’s military chief cautioned.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Pompeo : Alleges WHO As Politically Motivated To Side With Beijing In UK Private Meeting

It is now becoming ceremonial for the US administration to attack the UN or the WHO whenever they can find an opportunity to do so. In a recent closed door meeting, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is said to have insulted the WHO and held them responsible for the escalation in the COVID19 cases in the UK…

Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus new record of infections in the world. From the USA to India, the most affected countries

There were 259,848 daily coronavirus infections worldwide in the last 24 hours. It is the highest increase in one day since the beginning of the pandemic….

Coronavirus pandemic
News World

Coronavirus: Over 8 million infections worldwide

According to the Johns Hopkins University and Worldometer, the world has now surpassed 8 million coronavirus cases….