Chinese Ice Cream Becomes Breeding Ground For Corona Virus


In shocking discoveries over the new virus strains, China has now determined that there can be presence of the virus in ice cream aswell. China’s Tianjin city has confirmed ice cream samples containing positive Covid-19 strains.According to the anti-epidemic authorities have now confirmed that all the products being produced by the Tianjin Daiqaodo Food Company stand sealed, though contact testing has been initiated.

More than 1600 employees of the company have already been placed under quarantine. The ice cream is produced through products that are sourced from Australia and Ukraine too. While virologist feel this could be a one-off case, it is possible that the raw materials might itself being the carriers of the virus strain.In 2020, virus strains were found in frozen food items in China itself. China has been the epicenter of the virus outbreak and since then, has been dodging a full length investigation into the originations of the vaccine. When discovered, China had discontinued export of shrimps in July 2020.

However, there is now general scare around the mutation ability of the virus. Earlier on, WHO reports have confirmed that the virus cannot contaminate food and therefore people should not fear deliveries or purchase and consumption of frozen foods. But this new development leaves a huge doubt in the minds of consumers.There is general unrest in China over exports of frozen foods has been mounting. China is a major exporter to India and an importer of frozen from Brazil, Australia, and some other parts of Europe too. In the past one month, virus traces have been found in other imported frozen food items too.

WHO led specialized team of virologists and scientists are now trying to ascertain the mutation nature of the virus, by investigating its ground of source, something that Beijing can no more ignore or side step.In the past, China has tried to delay the WHO led investigations over visa and entry issues.



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