Taliban Seizes One More Crucial Border Of Afghanistan


As the American troops retract themselves from Afghanistan, the turf war is intensifying. Taliban has reportedly seized another key Afghan border crossing, this time with Iran. The development came as US President Joe Biden said the US military mission in Afghanistan will conclude on August 31.

Afghanistan’s fragile geopolitical situation has now been exposed to Taliban control as its longest standing ally the US had decided to pull out troops after supporting the country for over a decade. This will be the third border crossing claimed by the Taliban.

Due to their increased interference in these insurgent activities, some countries close to Afghanistan and otherwise have already decided to close their consulates in the region, while Tajikistan has called up reservists to reinforce that country’s southern border with Afghanistan.

Taliban have already claimed crossings in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as well. Their presence has increased in the Islam Qala town in Afghanistan and they can be seen openly waving guns in the air, claiming their control over the city aswell. On his part, US President Joe Biden has said that he has decided to pull back support along with NATO, because they believe the Afghan government has what it takes to reach a peaceful settlement with the Taliban. Also, he has full faith in the Afghani military to handle such insurgencies.

But looking at the movement of the Taliban with a key city, it does not seem the Afghani military have been able to do much. The Taliban now control roughly a third of all 421 districts and district centers in Afghanistan. Their victories are also putting pressure on provincial cities and taking away government control of key transportation routes.

What started as a struggle for rights of Afghan brothers, later became a barbaric attack on sexism and is now gone out of control. Today, Taliban up to eighty-five thousand full-time fighters.



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