EXCLUSIVE: After the fall of the Islamists, the world confirms solidarity with Tunisia

The world was waiting for Tunisia to get rid of Islamism to support the Tunisian people. However, following President Kais Saied decision to dissolve Hicham Mechichi Government and freeze the Parliament’s activities on popular request, the whole world has expressed all its generosity towards the Tunisians. On the other hand, a clear signal to Rachid Ghannouchi and his party Ennhadha had appealed to the international community not to give aid because it was a coup d’état.

Nations of all continents understood that this was not the case and promptly responded to the appeals for oxygen and vaccines so that Tunisia could emerge from the terrible Covid-19 emergency. The emergence of new variants resulted in almost 20,000 deaths in July and an exponential increase in contagions.

Neighboring Libya, forced to close its borders due to the already fragile health situation and the awareness of a precarious health system, has donated 42 liters of liquid oxygen to health facilities in southern Tunisia. China took the field alongside the Tunisians. Yesterday a shipment of 500,000 doses of vaccine arrived at Carthage airport, of which 400,000 were donated by the Presidency of the People’s Republic of China. Two days ago, the Italian ambassador to Tunisia, Lorenzo Fanara, had personally delivered 500,000 doses of the vaccine during a meeting with President Kais Saied, following the initiative of France and Malta. On Friday, July 30, Tunis received another significant donation from the United States of 1 million vaccine doses.

International solidarity has allowed Tunisia to collect as many as 6 million doses of the vaccine, over half of the entire population. That provided the President of the Republic to set up a Vaccination Day for August 6, 2021, the day all over the 40s will be able to receive their vaccination against COVID-19. The aid represents a sign of concrete support for the Tunisian people and an apparent response to the Islamists: health is not an asset for political negotiation, and the world no longer fears their blackmail.

On the security front, following the terrorist threats, the Tunis Interior Ministry has taken steps to increase security measures in front of the institutions, in the capital, and the tourist districts, fearing reprisals by fundamentalists agitated by the speeches of hatred of the Islamist party’s leaders. According to security sources, Tunisian Special Forces have already identified groups recruited to carry attacks. In this regard, we should remember that the trial for the deaths of the 2015 terrorist attack at the Bardo Museum will soon begin in Paris. The investigations might also reveal Ennhadha involvement in the organization of the attack, which resulted in 24 deaths (21 tourists, a security officer, and two terrorists).



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