The Muslim Brotherhood is dragging Tunisia into a mess in Libya

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Recent events reveal a dangerous involvement for Tunisia in Libya. On Thursday, the Libyan Red Crescent recovered dozens of bodies of Tripoli militia members and terrorists, killed during the fighting of yet another failed operation, conducted by the Turkish GNA joint control room to take the LNA Al-Watiya military base in Western Libya.

According to local newspaper “Tunisie Numerique”, many bodies could not be recovered due to their state. The newspaper added, quoting local sources, that some Tunisian fighters were among those dead. Tunis confirmed Friday that it had authorized the landing on its territory of a Turkish plane carrying a load of medical aids to Libya, only after having requested to provide the inspection and delivery of such assistance.

According to two press releases from the Tunisian Presidency, published on Thursday and Friday, the Turkish plane landed at Djerba airport, not far from the Libyan border. Before delivery to the “Libyan brothers”, the authorities requested that Tunisia “alone” be responsible for checking the cargo, the presidency said.

Previously, a merchant ship arrived in Tripoli from Sfax on Sunday to unload, under close surveillance by the GNA militiamen, 134 containers of military and medical equipment from Turkey. The ship is said to have carried weapons and equipment, although no evidence has been provided yet.

The cargo arrived in Tripoli, two days after the launch of a new maritime connection between Sfax and Tripoli. According to military sources in Sfax, the Islamist party Ennahda offered Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the guarantee of circumventing the United Nations embargo by using Tunisian territory, in light of the new European mission EUNAVFORMED IRINI.

Tunisia is dangerously involved in the Libyan conflict. In the silence of the Tunisian media, which fear repression by the Muslim Brotherhood that controls Parliament and most of the institutions, the only activist to report this interference is the lawyer WafaChedly.

Recently, Turkey and Qatar have provided substantial, and suspect, donations to Tunisia. To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, a humanitarian flight with 10 tons of life-saving medical equipment and personal protective equipment, including clothes, gloves, and masks, landed on Sunday at Tunis Carthage airport, despite Tunisia having a number of infections relatively low.

The Qatar Charity Foundation, a charitable organization connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and the leadership of Qatar, which has its own headquarters in the Ariana Governorate, near the capital, contributes greatly to the development of some remote rural areas in Tunisia. Last winter, Qatar Charity also distributed assistance to low-income Tunisian families for $ 300,000.

This apparent generosity is clearly an umbrella for influencing Tunisian policies in Libya and expanding the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, with disastrous consequences for the future relations of Libya and Tunisia.

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