The Stage: Carlos Azar Reveals Secret Participation In ‘Star Cup’ Program

carlos azar in ‘star cup’ program

In a recent episode of “The Stage” on LBCI, media personality Carla Haddad hosted artist Joseph Azar, honoring his artistic journey. His son, Carlos Azar, also featured in the episode, sharing personal insights and unknown aspects of Joseph’s life and career.

Carlos, expressing pride in his father, revealed his efforts to carve out his own artistic path, separate from his father’s fame. Despite his respect for Joseph’s legacy, Carlos chose not to capitalize on his father’s name in building his career.

He recalled his awe upon seeing his father perform for the first time with the renowned Sabah, which sparked his interest in the arts. At 16, Carlos joined Joseph in a concert, marking the start of his own artistic journey.

A notable revelation by Carlos was his secret participation in the “Star Cup” program on LBCI. His episode, however, never aired due to a guest’s absence. Joseph, unaware of his son’s singing talent, was initially saddened but later encouraged Carlos’s musical aspirations.

Carlos reflected on his father’s 60-year career, highlighting the film “The Ring Seller” as a personal favorite. He also mentioned Joseph’s missed opportunity in the film “Safar Barlak,” due to his prior commitment to a play by Romeo Lahoud.

Joseph Azar, preferring theater over cinema, shared his love for both singing and acting, with singing being his initial passion. He humorously chose the title “Abu Al-Zouz” over any grand artistic titles, showcasing his humility.

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He cherished the role of Rajeh, which made him popular and named his son Carlos after the Spanish king he met in Jordan. Joseph emphasized the unique challenges and simplicity of the past artistic era, marked by fewer media platforms but less complexity in the industry.

Carlos also spoke about his father’s enduring passion for art, which he believes is vital for an artist’s survival. He described Joseph as a protective and humorous family man, always trying to balance his artistic and family life.

Carlos also mentioned a humorous yet terrifying incident from his youth involving a bull attacking their house, demonstrating Joseph’s protective nature.

The episode concluded with tributes from media and artistic figures, reflecting on Joseph Azar’s influential presence in the arts.



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