Top 5 tracks of Eminem in 2024 that you can vibe with…

top 5 tracks of eminem in 2024 that you can vibe with

The Detroit based rapper has been an immense influence all over the world as an icon to look up to by kids who want to step into rapping as a profession. Eminem and Pitbull have been hitting the top charts list since they arrived in the scene years back and have been a household name from then on. The former even went on to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Here we have curated the top 5 tracks of Eminem. 

Love the way you Lie – Over a decade after Eminem got heavily criticized because of his language towards women, he delivered one of his most open hearted analyses of his own shortcomings with the track “Love the way you Lie”. While it is certainly not his most lyrical song, the track succeeds in bringing painfully intimate scenes with high caliber, and pop radio effects. Rihanna also adds a pure catchy hook to the song by giving her voice. 

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Guilty Conscience – The song features Eminem and Dr Dre battling it out. Eminem as the bad side of the person tries hard to make the person commit a crime while Dr Dre tries hard to imbibe positivity into the person and bring him out of the crime mindset. It shows the conflicting personalities of an individual. 

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Brain Damage – Violence results in violence and so does Eminem with his best songs. In this song he portrays how a child during his adolescence gets abused by his peers. He sets this song in a period of school days and weaves the story through his lyrics. He does not bring his own version of past trauma in this as he does in most of his songs that makes the tracks so violent. 

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White America – This track from 2017 talks about his anger towards the music industry, the federal government and the hypocrisy of his radical fanbase. He quite sums up the nation as “Divided states of embarrassment” while giving a sense of anger aimed at no particular direction.

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Role Model –  Being the top track of his debut album Proper, this song lets out the intent of the artist in pure lyrics as he puts out the lyrics, “I am cancerous / so when I diss, you wouldn’t want to answer this.” As this track oozes contempt, glazing over an extra thick layer of lyrics with haunting guitar chords such as “You can try this at home / you can be like me” giving a direct tease to parents while their kids vibed with the track.

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