5 Best Abs Workout You Can Do Without Equipment As A Beginner

5 Best Abs Workout You Can Do Without

If there is one part of your body that shouldn’t be hard to train at home, it’s your abs. Still, the abs are one of the least-worked parts of the body in any workout plan. In the past, ab training was done with little or no equipment, and the focus was on exhausting the muscle rather than on the value of each rep and exercise.

People thought that you could lose fat if you focused on one part of your body and worked it over and over again. So, spot reduction said that a lot of sit-ups and crunches were the key to a tight waist that looked good, while heavy weighted fundamental exercises would start making you big and square.

This is no longer the case, as current sports science has shown us. You can’t lose fat in one place. But this doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from the things we do wrong when we work out. These bodyweight ab exercises are excellent for strengthening core muscles, and you don’t need any equipment to do them at home.

List of 5 Best Abs Workout Without Equipment For Beginners
1. Crunch
The crunch is still the most well-known ab exercise, and for good reason. They work the whole area of the stomach and make a strong contraction with each rep. Don’t forget that Crunch isn’t a sit-up. You should only tighten your abdominal muscles; you shouldn’t bring your whole body down to your knees.

2. Heel taps
This performs effectively if you lightly tighten your abs and external oblique so that your upper body is about an inch off the ground and isn’t causing too much friction. Start with three sets of 30 and move on as you get stronger.

3. Plank
The plank is a little different from the other examples because it utilizes all the core muscles in the manner we use them most: to keep the rest of the body stable. You’re up against the clock, so it can be a true mental battle. You can make these more difficult by moving your elbows forward or putting your weight on your back.

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4. Mountain climbers
Both contractility and stabilization are used by mountain climbers. They are a great dynamic exercise and can be used as a way to get in shape to increase work capacity. If you do these quickly but in a controlled way, this is a great way to finish any ab workout and increase your work capacity.

5. Leg Raises
‘Leg Raises’ are a great way to work out the lower abs, which are hard to reach. It can be done with or without a time limit. Start with 15 slow reps for two to four sets. These are hard on the lower abs, but the benefits are worth the pain.

Final Words For 5 Best Abs Workout Without Equipment
Now that you know the greatest ab workouts you can perform at home, there’s no reason not to train your abs. The abs are not just for looks, and they are often forgotten because they are not always on display. However, the trunk of a tree is always stronger than its branches, so keep that in mind. The core is the most important part of your body to work on if you want to get fit.



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