UN Chief Calls ‘Action to End this Godawful Nightmare’ in Palestine

UN Chief Calls ‘Action to End this Godawful Nightmare’ in Palestine

Full trucks and empty stomachs, says UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as the first convoy of aid trucks entered the warzone – Gaza Strip, through the Rafah crossing. While the Egyptian side of the border celebrated with chants, truckers looked on into Palestine’s abyss.

The UN chief told reporters he saw a paradox, a humanitarian catastrophe playing out in real time. “Hundreds of trucks teemed with food and other essential supplies were on the Egyptian side, while across the border, two million people in Gaza were going without food, water, fuel, electricity and medicine.”

Guterres said the trucks need to move as quickly as possible in a massive, sustained and safe way from Egypt into Gaza. “The time has come for action.  Action to end this godawful nightmare. Action to build a future worthy of the dreams of the children of Palestine, Israel, the region and our world.”

Palestine Crisis is Legitimate

The intergovernmental organization once again called the world leaders to delve into the Palestine crisis and come up with a solution. The UN chief reiterated the need for a two-state solution. “Let me be clear. The Palestinian people have legitimate and deep grievances after 56 years of occupation. But, as serious as those grievances are, they cannot justify terror attacks.”

Guterres added that as appalling as those attacks have been, they cannot justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. He also warned of the risk of the violence spilling over into the region.

Egypt stands with the people of Palestine. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi believes eliminating the Palestinian cause without a just solution will never happen. “The liquidation of the Palestinian cause without a just solution is beyond the realm of possibility, and in all cases it will never happen at the expense of Egypt.”

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The World is Watching Palestine

Sis said the world is watching a catastrophic humanitarian crisis affecting 2.5 million Palestinians in Gaza. “Egypt is telling you in all candor and sincerity – the solution for the Palestinian cause is not displacement, and is not by forcibly transferring the entire people to other regions; the one and only solution is justice, with the Palestinians obtaining their legitimate rights for self-determination, and leading a proud and safe life in an independent state on their land.”

He pointed out that 2.5 million Palestinians in Gaza Strip are being subjected to collective punishment. “They are living under siege and facing starvation and ferocious pressure of forced displacement.”

The Egyptian president called for de-escalation of violence and a ceasefire, and revival of the peace process to.



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