United States calls for an immediate investigation into fire at detention center in Sanaa


On Friday, The US State Department asked for a prompt investigation concerning the death of many migrants inside a migrant detention center run by Houthis in Sanaa. The fire killed around 44 migrants and wounded more than 193 people. The EU and the UN also called for a complete investigation on the incident, the Arab News reported.

The Houthis have been blamed for the fire incident in the Yemeni city of Sanaa. Abdurrahman Barman, a Yemeni human rights activist, and head of the American Center for Justice reprimanded the international community and the global organizations for not unequivocally denouncing the Houthis’ activities.

Muammar Al-Eryani, the Yemeni Information Minister accused the Houthis of threatening survivors and their families to impact their stories to the media or any international investigation later on.

“We are profoundly disheartened by reports of injures and deaths migrants because of a fire at the detention center in Sanaa, which a Human Rights Watch report says was an aftereffect of the Houthis’ covering of dissent at the area,” a representative from the State Department stated, requesting the Iran-sponsored Houthis give medical teams to aid wounded migrants who live in territories under their power.

“It is important that the Houthis permit assistance to help those in need without creating hurdles, and that there should be a fair investigation over the fire incident and punish those that are found responsible,” the representative added The Arab News reported.

Whereas, the Houthis stated that the fire incident was an accident and promised to open an inquiry into the episode. The fire incident along with various issues triggered a fierce fight between the Yemeni forces and the Houthis on Friday.



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