US Vetoes UN Resolution, Says American Efforts in Gaza Ignored

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The US has caused global outrage by vetoing a UN Resolution on Palestine calling for a ceasefire in Gaza at the United Nations Security Council on Friday. Robert Wood, the US deputy representative to the UN, said the resolution was rushed and ignored US diplomatic efforts to get more aid into Gaza and free hostages taken by Hamas.

He proposed language that would have reinforced the life-saving diplomacy the United States has undertaken since October 7. The US called for increased opportunities for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, encourage the release of hostages and the resumption of humanitarian pauses.

The UN Resolution came after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres invoked a rarely used power to warn an impending humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza risked a total breakdown in public order. The 15-member council voted 13-1, with the United Kingdom abstaining. The Arab states voted in favor of the resolution, while the US vetoed.

US Wants Durable Peace for Israel

The US veto security council reflects its strong support for Israel. Wood said while the US strongly supports a durable peace in which Israel and Palestine can live in peace and security, it does not support calls for an immediate ceasefire. “This would only plant the seeds for the next war, because Hamas has no desire to see a durable peace, to see a two-state solution.”

While the US supports pauses in fighting to protect civilians and allow the release of hostages, Guterres told the Security Council that there is no effective protection of civilians. “The people of Gaza are being told to move like human pinballs, ricocheting between even-smaller slivers of the south, without any of the basics for survival. But nowhere in Gaza is safe.”

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said it is absolute necessary to end the fighting immediately. “One of the disturbing facts of this conflict is that ending the conflict and the fighting doesn’t seem to be the main priority for the international community.

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US Supports Massacre in Gaza

In retaliation to Hamas’ October 7 attack, Israel has killed more than 17,000 people, wounded 46,000 and forced the displacement of around 1.9 million people. With Israel bombarding Gaza day and night, Washington is talking about the territory’s future.

Jordan’s foreign minister Ayman Safadi rejected the US approach saying the failure to support the call for a humanitarian ceasefire is an endorsement of further killing of Palestinians, further violations of international law, further commitment of war crimes.

“Israel is basically doing whatever it wants, in defiance even of its allies, creating a horrific situation in Gaza, and then wants us to come in and clean the mess. We will not do that.”



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