Why Didn’t UN Security Council Accept Russia’s Gaza Resolution


The UN Security Council is hostage to ambitions of Western countries, alleges Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya. His statement comes the international body rejected Russia’s resolution that condemned violence and terrorism against civilians in Palestine’s Gaza.

The UN Security Council has failed to respond to Hamas’ attack on Israel and to Israeli response with airstrikes, that has killed hundreds of women and children in the besieged Gaza. Nebenzya believes the only reason for the UN body not taking action is inclination to Western countries. “This is the only reason why it failed to send a clear and strong collective signal aimed at de-escalating the situation.”

While Russia, China, the UAE, Gabon and Mozambique voted in favor for the resolution, the US, UK, France and Japan voted against, Other countries – Malta, Brazil, Switzerland, Albania, Ghana and Ecuador abstained.

Moscow expressed grave concern at the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and condemned all violence and hostilities against civilians.

Russia Didn’t Mention Hamas

In its resolution to the UN Security Council, Russia didn’t mention Hamas. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador, rebuked Russia for not condemning Hamas. She told the Council that Hamas, whose purpose is to destroy Israel and kill Jews, unleashed terror on Israel, but Russia didn’t mention the militant group at all.

“By failing to condemn Hamas, Russia is giving cover to a terrorist group that brutalizes innocent civilians. Hamas’ actions have led to the dire humanitarian crisis facing the people of Gaza.” The US diplomat pointed out that civilians shouldn’t have to suffer for Hamas’ atrocities. “You cannot claim to stand with the Palestinians and their legitimate aspirations if you do not stand squarely against Hamas.”

Milan Czerny, an expert on Russian-Israeli relations, believes the Kremlin doesn’t realize the extent of shock in the Israeli society. He said if one wants to stay neutral, then they are against Israel. Moreover, the Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t offered condolences or condemned the attack on Israel. But he accused the US of pursuing a pro-Israel policy against the interests of Palestine.

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Russia Does a Balancing Act

Russia shares close relations with countries in the Middle East. And it not mentioning Hamas in the UN Security Council resolution reflects its long-standing policy of maintaining friendly ties in the Middle East. But Israel sees this as a pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas stance.

Marianna Belenkaya, an expert on Arab affairs, says Israel’s military elites are very conscious of Russia’s presence in Syria and Russia’s ties with Iran. As such, Israel didn’t want to squabble with Russia. But Moscow is adamant on maintaining a middle ground.



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