Why Jordan Syrian Ties Might Snap Too Quickly?

Nassib border

Jordan JordanSyria and Jordan could actually be finally coming close. But Assad’s immature handling of the situation could derail the whole process of calm between the nations. Jordon has had to make peace with Russian presence coupled with Iranian proxies on the Syrian border areas.

But with Assad having literally become a ‘hostage’ to the Iranian benefactors who had helping him into the ongoing civil war in Syria, Assad is in no way going to able to stop what Jordon now feels is nothing but bad decisions taken that is not letting peace come up on the border, threatening the security of Jordon.

And then Assad could not control the increase in smuggling activities on the border, making it even worst for the Jordanian authorities. There was a marked increase in the activity last year. In January, the Jordanian army intercepted and repulsed a huge operation that resulted in the deaths of 27 smugglers and the confiscation of a huge cache of hashish and Captagon pills. Captagon pills have been moving through Middle Eastern countries into poorer nations across the borders.

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In one of the operations, a Jordanian officer was killed and three border guards were wounded. In October 2022, Syria contact Jordon for the first time and was able to come on a common ground for the first time since 2011, where they agreed to help Lebanon with some energy supply.

It is worth noting, Jordon, despite the tension with Syria, gave a master plan at the US for its rehabilitation and not take over, unlike nations like Russia and Turkey that have been waiting for a slip and then slide into the other side.

Opening of borders, normalization of relations and then official visits started. But all this might stop again as Jordan has complained about Syria’s inability to keep things calm on the borders. Iran backed Syrian army units have become notorious and continue to kill Jordanian counterparts too.

Everything said and done, unless Assad can reclaim his leadership and prove something concrete, the Jordanian king might not want to extend a hand of friendship for too long.



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