Why Middle East Matters Are Important To Britons?

UK thinks about the Middle East

Foreign policy is still important to a lot of Britons and this shows through a recent survey done by a leading British daily along with Deltapoll, a public opinion consultancy.

Middle Eastern diplomacy is center of the debate and discussion when it comes to foreign policy. This is one critical aspect to be kept in mind by Britons who seek to look at how they elect their future leaders.

Respondents were in agreement on having strong relations with Arab countries. Close to a third of respondents wanted a stronger relationship, but a similar number were happy with where things are. Only a small minority, 17 per cent, wanted weaker relations.

In terms of threat perceptions, two thirds believe Iran’s nuclear ambitions represent a threat, and more than half that it poses a direct threat to the UK. With all this in background, the interest and worry about Palestinian and Israeli conflict seems to have eased off. Its not a burning issue in the head as of now.

The exact same number (36 per cent) would support as would be against British military action in Afghanistan to protects human rights. Almost half wanted an expansion of Nato, a reflection of the large interest the public has in the war in Ukraine.

Gas crisis is looming on Britons. Coming winter is going to be tough for all. This is one reason that they want the government to prioritize this issue over climate issues. But strangely, both are inter-related and there is no refusal to that either.

Most respondents felt that former prime minister Boris Johnson’s time in office has “damaged the UK’s standing in the world”. So, the new PM who received a formal invitation from the parting queen, Ms. Lizz Truss, has a task at her hand.



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