Will the US Push Ukraine Aside to Help Israel?

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Two wars will bore a massive hole into US coffers, but the Biden administration is adamant to support both allies Ukraine and Israel.  The US wants to declare a $106 billion package to help Israel eradicate Palestine-based Hamas.

President Joe Biden’s aid plan includes $61 billion for Ukraine, defense funding for US allies in the Indo-Pacific and $14 billion for the United States’ southern border. Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, linked aid to Ukraine and Israel to Iran. He believes Iran supports Hamas and is a Russian ally.

“The conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East have clear links. Since we cut off Russia’s traditional means of supplying its military, it’s turned more and more to Iran for assistance. In return, Moscow has supplied Iran with increasingly advanced military technology, which poses a threat to Israel’s security. Allowing Russia to prevail with Iran’s support will simply embolden both Moscow and Iran.”

US Caught Up in Two Wars

Basel Haj Jasem, a political advisor, believes Russia will use Israel-Hamas war to its advantage as it means Ukraine’s decline among Western parties. The US, UK, France and broader Europe will turn to Israel politically, militarily, diplomatically and medially.

He said the longer these conflicts last, the more this will be in China’s interest if it wishes to move to implement a military scenario in Taiwan, as Washington will be busy helping Israel. “There is also a primary goal for Russia, which is to weaken the Western world order, a project with which its allies in China and Iran agree with.”

Jasem pointed out that expansion of confrontations within the framework of the Arab-Israeli conflict tests Washington’s image as the world’s premier military power and its ability to support its allies – Ukraine and Israel.

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Russia Stands to Gain in Ukraine

The Kremlin definitely can gain in Ukraine from the escalation in Israel-Palestinian conflict. However, if this new war broadens, it may not align with Russia’s interests, particularly if Iran gets involved. Jasem believes it could compel Moscow to lean toward one of the parties, which Russia aims to avoid at all cost. It could also destabilize Russian presence in Syria.



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