World must unite to designate Houthis as terror organisation


Yemen YemenThe number of Houthi attacks in Saudi Arabia and other regions in Gulf countries has increased significantly in recent months. Gulf countries have time and again condemned terror attacks against civilians and armed forces perpetrated by Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other nations, stressing that such acts threaten peace and security in the region.

While forces of the Saudi-led Arab coalition have been ensuring all possible efforts to thwart Houthi’s attempts to hamper the region’s stability, Yemen-based Houthis continue to endanger regional and international peace and safety. With the weapons, training, and financial assistance provided by Iran forces and Lebanese Hezbollah, the Houthi militia group has led grave attacks in marine and shipping lines, energy resources, and civilians in the Gulf region.

Attacks against Saudi Arabia

In September 2021, Houthis launched a missile attack in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province in which two children were injured and several homes were damaged. Later in December 2021, the Houthi militia targeted the southern city of Jazan in the Kingdom, killing two individuals. These are just a few of the many heinous terror attacks led by the Houthi movement in the Gulf region.

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The Arab Parliament and Gulf Cooperation Council have condemned the “cowardly acts” led by Houthi terror groups in targeting innocent civilians in the region. Several institutions and experts have also raised concerns over the blatant violations of international humanitarian law by the Houthi militia.

Global calls on international community

Noting the alarming threat posed by the Houthis, it is critical that the United States and other world governments take necessary actions and officially re-declare the Yemen-based group a terrorist organization.

Previously, Yemen’s Information Minister Moammar Al-Eryani pointed out that the terrorist attacks by Houthis have been threatening the lives of thousands of Yemenis living peacefully in the Kingdom. He further called on the international community to designate the Houthi movement as a terrorist organization and to prosecute its members for their crimes.

Recently, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Secretary-General Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf renewed his call to the international community to address Houthi terrorism that is hindering international efforts to resolve the Yemeni crisis.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour for the United Nations, world government and the international community to take firm action against such terror attacks and hold the Houthi group accountable for disrupting the peace and stability in the region. Last year, US administration-led by President Joe Biden revoked the terrorist designation of the Houthi movement in view of the critical humanitarian crisis in Yemen.



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