Yemenis demand that Egypt lift its new travel restrictions


The Egyptian government has recently imposed new travel restrictions on Yemenis, and the Yemeni administration is striving to convince them to be lifted.

Due to a lack of a medical certificate from an Egyptian hospital, nearly 60 Yemeni tourists who arrived in Cairo on Sunday were denied entrance and had to depart for Yemen’s Aden airport.

Having a medical report from a Yemeni medical facility approved by the Yemeni Health Ministry is a requirement for Yemenis flying with Yemenia from Yemen to the Cairo airport. At Cairo International Airport, a visa is given to each visitor.

But over the weekend, Egyptian authorities changed the condition, requiring Yemeni travelers to obtain a legitimate medical report from an Egyptian hospital in order to enter the nation.

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Videos shared on social media showed a sizable group of individuals stuck at the Cairo airport with their bags, including sick people and women, children, and men.

Yemenia representatives asserted that Egyptian officials informed the airline of the new regulations after Yemenia flight 601 left the airport in Aden for Cairo.

A second group of Yemenis is said to have been left detained at Cairo International Airport on Monday because they were unable to present verified copies of the medical records they received from Egyptian clinics.

Travel agencies in Yemen reported that in order to pay $45 for an Egyptian medical report, they had to postpone some of their plans with customs. You can obtain a comparable report from a hospital in Yemen for less than $20.

The Egyptians claimed that a range of countries were included in their most current entry or residency restrictions.

At a meeting with Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, on Sunday in Riyadh, Ahmed Farouq, Egypt’s ambassador to Yemen, said the rules applied to citizens of other countries as well as Yemenis.

In response to rising public pressure to find a swift solution, a Yemeni government official told Arab News that Yemen’s president would dispatch a special envoy to Egypt to speak with Egyptian authorities about the new limitations.



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