Russian Prisons

5 Most Famous Russian Prisons Till Date

Russia–Separate jailhouses were not in high demand in ancient Russia; instead, convicts were held in caves excavated into the ground. In addition, criminals were detained…


Jordon Feels The Tremors Of Russian War With Ukraine

Jordan–Global trends are shaking up costs of commodities everywhere and Jordon isn’t immune to this. While the Jordanian government had reassured that there is enough…


Turkey denies Russian jets traveling to Syria access to its airspace: FM

Turkey–Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was cited in local media as stating that Turkey had closed its airspace to Russian commercial and military planes traveling…


Russia Sets New Deadline For Ukraine Army To Surrender In Mariupol

Russia–Russia gave a fresh ultimatum to Ukrainian fighters to surrender on Wednesday as Russian troops pushed for a decisive victory in its new eastern offensive.…

Middle East

Saudi crown prince discusses Ukraine conflict, OPEC with the Russian President Vladimir Putin

Saudi Arabia–Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday in their second phone contact since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…


Russia Bans UK PM Boris Johnson & Top Officials from Entering Country

Russia– Boris Johnson, Ben Wallace, Liz Truss, and ten other British government officials have been barred from entering Russia by Russia’s foreign ministry. The verdict…


Whoever Wins the Russia-Ukraine War, the Western Arm Suppliers Already Won

United States–The US has announced that it will provide an additional $800 million to Ukraine in the form of weapons, ammunition, and other security assistance.…


Tremors of Russian-Ukraine War Will Shake Middle East Economy: World Bank Report

Middle east is feeling in heat that is arising from the ongoing war in Ukraine. Political analysts and economists fear the worst for the Middle…


FIFA Warned The Court Of The World Cup Of Chaos If Russia Played In The Tournament

Russia– The football organisation FIFA on Tuesday warned the court of the World Cup that Russia’s participation in the prestigious tournament, the 2022 Qatar World…


How Iran Is Bestowing Arms Support To Russia Against Ukraine

Iran– The reasons as to why Russia has been helping Iranian war in the first place becomes clear as it comes to light that Iran…