After An Antitank Missile Fire, Israel Attacks Lebanon


After an anti-tank missile fired by its northern neighbor exploded close to their shared border, the Israeli army launched an assault on southern Lebanon on Thursday.

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The two nations experienced their worst cross-border fire in years three months before the most recent military action.

It also occurs at a time when tensions between Israel and Arab nations are rising following Israel’s largest military operation in recent memory in the occupied West Bank, which was directed at the Jenin refugee camp, a heavily populated urban area and a stronghold for militants.

According to a statement from the Israeli army, a launch from Lebanese territory detonated close to the border in Israeli territory.

Just before noon, the army put out a statement that said, “In response, the IDF is hitting the area in Lebanese territory where the launch took place.”

Later on Thursday, the army declared that it had identified the shrapnel as “an anti-tank missile” after examining it.

It added that it was still unknown who fired the missile and stated that some of the missile’s fragments fell in Lebanon and others fell close to the fence in the town of Ghajar in Israeli territory.

It had earlier been identified as a mortar round by an army spokesman.

The projectile struck “close to homes and, if it wasn’t for God’s kindness, it would have hit people,” according to Bilal al-Khatib, a spokesman for the town of Ghajar.

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According to the official news agency of Lebanon, Israel allegedly fired “more than 15 artillery shells” that hit the vicinity of the communities of Kfar Chouba and Halta.



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