Aleppo airport out of service as Israeli strikes kill soldier

Israel Airstrike

According to official media, late Monday night Israeli airstrikes on the Aleppo region of north Syria resulted in the death of one soldier, the injury of seven persons, including two civilians, and the closure of the airport.

A military source cited by state news agency SANA said, “the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with several missiles… targeting Aleppo international airport and a number of sites in the vicinity of Aleppo” at around 11:35 p.m. (2035 GMT).

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According to SANA, “material losses” were reported along with “Aleppo airport was put out of service” and that “a soldier was killed and seven people, including two civilians, were injured.”

A munitions store caught fire as a result of “a number of explosions in the area of Aleppo international airport and the Nayrab military airfield in Aleppo province,” according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

According to the British war monitor, “heavy material damage at both airports.”

Furthermore, it stated that “Israeli missiles fell on defense factories in the Safireh area” of Aleppo province, “causing material damage.”

Israel has conducted hundreds of airstrikes on Syrian territory over the course of the country’s more than ten-year conflict, mostly focusing on Iranian-backed troops, Lebanese Hezbollah combatants, and Syrian army locations.

Israel has frequently stated it will not permit its arch-enemy Iran to expand its influence in the conflict-torn nation, despite the fact that it rarely remarks on the strikes it conducts on Syria.

Due to their crucial ground assistance in the army’s 2016 recapture of rebel-held areas of the city, Iran-backed militias are heavily present in the Aleppo region.

The Observatory said at the time that on March 22, an Israeli missile strike at Aleppo Airport damaged what was believed to be an armaments store used by militias supported by Iran. Authorities claimed that the raid rendered the airport inoperable.

On March 7, an Israeli attack on the airport resulted in the deaths of three individuals and the suspension of air travel.



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