Egypt extends its support for the December elections in Libya


The world might be divided over the scheduled elections in Libya in December but the Egyptian president did not waste a minute to stress the importance of these elections for the country.

The Egyptian leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi assured that he will support the December elections for which he has had talks with the interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibah. He met the interim PM a few days after he had a conversation with military leader general Khalifa Haftar regarding the situation in the country.

el-Sisi highlighted that it is important that the elections take place without any hurdles so that the free will of the people can be respected. Egypt is ot the only nation supporting the elections rather the United States had also made its stand clear by extending its support to the election.

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On Tuesday, the US Department of State Counselor Derek Chollet visited Libya where he stressed that the war-torn country has one of the best opportunities in its hand to bring the conflict to closure.

There are various factions who have taken over the country in search of benefits in the department of natural resources. This greed has broken the country’s administration making it even more vulnerable to the foreign elements. Given the station, 75 Libyan delegates decided to make 61-year-old Dbeibah as the interim PM of the country.

While el-Sisi was visiting Haftar, the speaker of the parliament, Aguila Saleh was present where he stressed on the ratification of a law passed last week to govern the elections. However, he was accused of bias as people thought that he failed to follow the process and was tilted towards Haftar.

While countries like Turkey and Qatar are against Haftar, Cairo has been relentlessly supporting the military leader. Libya has been one of the most proxy-war affected countries in the world since 2011. el-Sisi also rejected any form of foreign interference in Libya’s matters during his meeting with the Libyan PM.



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