Analyzing US Efforts for Saudi-Israeli Normalization

analyzing us efforts for saudi israeli normalization

Joe Biden, the US president, has made substantial efforts to improve ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, as highlighted by the recent Middle East Global Summit. This analysis aims to explore the dynamics of this prospective normalization, its effects on the region, and the upcoming difficulties.

The Normalisation Commitment of Biden

Barbara Leaf, the US’s assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, emphasized President Biden’s steadfast commitment to restoring diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel. The government recognizes the potential advantages that greater integration could provide to all parties concerned and sees this as an essential component of its Middle East agenda. However, it is acknowledged that bringing about this normalization will be a difficult and drawn-out process.

Middle East in a Fragile State 

Leaf emphasized that the Middle East, which had long-standing disputes and tensions, was in an extremely fragile state when President Biden took office. The problems in the region had become worse during the previous six years, but the Biden administration has worked to patch things up and encourage stability.

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Israeli-Palestinian Peace Prospects

The Middle East peace process and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be affected by Saudi Arabia and Israel’s efforts to normalize relations. The likelihood of a two-state solution has decreased due to the worsening of Israeli-Palestinian relations since 2014. Normalization may still contribute to stability and the efforts of nearby nations like Egypt and Jordan to mediate a settlement.

US Diplomacy’s Role

Leaf reiterated that, despite rumors to the contrary, there is no impending nuclear agreement with Iran. The preferred strategy is still diplomacy, which emphasizes the need for dialogue and discussion to bring about regional security and stability.

Stakeholders and Challenges in the Region

The summit also highlighted issues about the function of regional allies and the demand for more robust diplomatic engagement. Former US ambassador to Egypt Jonathan Cohen stressed the value of preserving close diplomatic ties with important allies like Egypt and addressing issues with ambassadorial representation.

The US Middle East strategy has significantly changed as a result of President Biden’s efforts to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia and Israel. The path to normalization is considered to be difficult and calls for persistent work, regional cooperation, and overcoming difficult obstacles. This development is significant in the changing dynamics of the Middle East because of its possible effects on Israeli-Palestinian peace and wider regional stability.



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