Saudi Arabia Seeks International Participation To Curb Houthi Attacks On Its Oil Facilities


Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaRepeated attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil facilities are affecting its supply chain. Yemen’s rebels are said to be repeatedly attacking the fossil fuel facilities of the Kingdom. The Kingdom has however made it clear that it does not feel responsible for the resulting oil supply shortage in the international market.

The attacks have been constantly coming from the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias, according to an official source in Kingdom’s foreign ministry. The attacks continue as a result of the indirect support that the Middle Eastern countries have given to the legitimate government in Yemen against the militia.

While the Ukrainian- Russian war is one major reason for the shortage in fossil fuel supplies in the Western world, these attacks have hampered the Kingdom’s ability to meet the needs of its patrons. The attacks are “resulting in serious consequences for upstream and downstream sectors undermining without a doubt, the security and sustainability of energy supplies to global markets.”

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Saudi Arabia is now seeking support from its patrons to stop these attacks. The official source, highlighted the importance of the international community to undertake “its responsibility to preserve the energy supplies and stand firm against the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias, deterring their malicious attacks that represents direct threat to the security of oil supplies in these extremely sensitive circumstances witnessed by the global energy markets.”

Even the United Nations has condemned these attacks. The UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said on Monday that such attacks on civilians and infrastructure are prohibited by international humanitarian law. “These actions damage prospects of peace and regional stability and are detrimental to the ongoing mediation efforts of our Special envoy Hans Grundberg,” Dujarric has said to official media.

Surprisingly, the attacks came just when the UN was convening peace talks were in process in Oman along with the chief negotiator from the Houthi side. The Houthi militia fired a barrage of missiles and drones strikes targeting a Saudi petroleum products distribution terminal in the southern Jizan region, a water desalination plant in Al-Shaqeeq, a power station in Dhahran Al-Janub, a gas station in Khamis Mushayt and an LNG facility in the Red Sea port of Yanbu.



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