Are Children Of Syrian Camp Being Readied As Next Line Of Militants?


The state of children in the Syrian camps is a despicable sight of hopelessness. In a recent report shared by a prominent media house, children living in Syrian camps are been used as the next level of soldiers for another war in the making.

A warning that has come from the UNICEF and UN a few years ago, these children who have no routine and access to education could be brain washed into becoming the next breed of terrorists, looks like a reality. Since 2019, some 27,000 children have been left to languish in Al-Hol camp, which houses families of Daesh members.

With no semblance of routine, access to hygienic living conditions, nutritious food or education, the future of these children has been decided by surviving Daesh or the Kurdish forces that operate and guard these camps. Children are taught to be violent at visiting Human rights organizations that try and come to help.

It is a regular affair to see multiple families being crammed together in tents in the fenced-off camp. Here, medical facilities are minimal, access to clean water and sanitation limited.Covid-19 was a tough time for these surviving families. Kurdish authorities and human rights groups have tried to persuade home countries to take the women and children back. Many of them hold dual citizenships as the men of these families ran away from their home countries to become a part of the Daesh militant movement.

It is sad that most home governments are developed a mindset of fear and rejection of these children as danger posing to their peace and would rather ignore them than invest in their repatriation. Daesh survivors have continued to ahead their personal agenda- expand their caliphate by brainwashing their children too.

During its nearly 5-year rule over much of Syria and Iraq, Daesh continued to indoctrinate children in its brutal interpretation of Islamic law. It trained children as fighters, taught them how to carry out beheadings using dolls, and even had them carry out killings of captives in propaganda videos.



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