As cyber attack hits Iran, gas stations became non-operative


Iran IranIn Iran, a cyber attack crippled gas stations and it left thousands of motorists stranded in long lines. However, no particular group came forward to claim the responsibility for the attack, which rendered useless the government-issued electronic cards that many Iranians use to buy subsidized fuel at the pump.

This incident was seen in the similar light as the one earlier which occurred months ago. It looked like a direct challenge to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the country’s economy buckles under American sanctions. These issues of the economy became worse as the U.S. and Iran have yet to jointly re-enter Tehran’s tattered nuclear deal with world powers.

State television quoted an unnamed official in the country’s National Security Council acknowledging the cyberattack, hours after it aired images of long lines of cars waiting to fill up in Tehran. One of the such motorist mentioned that he has been waiting a couple of hours for the gas stations to reopen so that I can fill up but there there is no fuel wherever he goes.

Most Iranians rely on those subsidies to fuel their vehicles, particularly amid the country’s economic problems. Two years back in 2019, Iran faced days of mass protests across some 100 cities and towns over gasoline prices rising.

To control the situation security forces arrested thousands and Amnesty International said it believes 304 people were killed in a government crackdown. Surprisingly, this recent cyberattack came in the same month in the Persian calendar as the gasoline protests in 2019. It should be noted that the country has actively disconnected much of its government infrastructure from the internet after the occurrence of the Stuxnet computer virus.



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