The situation in Libya continues to divide the UN Security Council

Libyans celebrate the liberation from the Qaddafi regime in the streets of Tripoli

On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council reunited to discuss the situation in Libya. The permanent representative of the North-African country to the UN, Taher Al-Sunni, affirmed before the meeting that his government, the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord will work to control all oil installations across the country.“Oil is the wealth of all Libyans, and we will free all our structures from mercenaries and militias of the war criminal Khalifa Haftar. We reserve the right to pursue those who prevented the export of Libyan oil”. Sunnis stated.

Regarding the maritime security and cooperation agreements concluded between the Al-Wefaq government and Turkey, he said: “We are a legitimate government and when we sign an agreement with any country, this is legitimate, in accordance with international agreements.”The envoy also announced that the Libyan Government will refuse the participation of the United Arab Emirates in any political dialogue on Libya. “We refuse any unilateral initiative made by international parties to support a specific party”, Al-Sunni added referring to the Cairo’s initiative, in particular.

It’s clear that the GNA, strong of Turkish, Qatar, Italian, British and US support will not accept any deal or negotiate, prolonging the sufferance of Libyan people and killing thousands of youth fighting in both sides. People in Sirte are really concerned, preparing to live another war after they defeated Daesh in 2015.

The only way to resolve the Libyan crisis is through a complete ceasefire, said Qatar’s foreign minister, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani. “Some parties have not respected international agreements and have supported parties hostile to the legitimate government of Al-Wefaq in Libya”.Al-Thani added that the international community has kept silent about who has violated the Skhirat political agreement on Libya, calling on all parties to respect international and humanitarian law. Qatar’s foreign minister also expressed his country’s support for United Nations efforts, including the Berlin conference.

The Emirates seem very disappointed by the position taken of the al-Wefaq Government, supported by the Muslim, calling for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire to return to dialogue. US envoy to the UN, Kelly Kraft, highlighted “the need to investigate on the mass graves discovered in Tarhuna, and prosecute those responsible”. The United States is not a signatory to the Hague-based International Criminal Court treaty and does not recognize its authority over American citizens. She explained adding:“We welcome the establishment of a fact-finding mission on human rights violations in Libya.”

Kraft also explained that the position of the United States on the Libyan crisis has not changed. She stressed that there is no place for mercenaries in Libya, declaring thather country strongly refuses any attempt to control oil installations in Libya, by foreign mercenaries.A clear reference to Russia, following reports of Moscow military personnel in Sharara oilfield. Despite calls for a ceasefire by Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Libyans expect a military escalation in the next days. Both sides are deploying mercenaries and reinforcements toward Sirte and al-Jufra.



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